“We build Smart homes”

Home is where your comfort is always. Now Enjoy the comfort of your home with our simple automation devices.

HVAC Automation:

With our Temperature control sensors, you can maintain the temperature of your home just the way you want. Scheduling feature helps to create an Energy Efficient Climate Control System at your home. Cool your home before you reach there with our remote mobile operation feature.


Curtain Automation:

Now easily control your Blinds and shades with just a single touch or use a handheld device to control the same. We work with the best of the curtain automation companies to integrate with our technology to provide you a seamless product. Our smart temperature sensors will command the curtains to open or close as per as the outside temperature to maintain your room temperature the way you want.

Lock Automation:

With our integration with major digital lock companies, you can now use your mobile as an interface to lock or unlock your main door with just a simple touch. Hands free lock integration is also possible with our mobile location feature. Once your mobile comes near your door it will automatically open the door for you. That’s the power of Lock Automation.


Temperature Sensors:

Our temperature sensors will detect the change in the temperature of your room and accordingly will command the device to behave the way you want it to. If your room temperature rises beyond your specified temperature it will command the air conditioner to activate and cool the room or else if your temperature falls below your specified degree, it will command the Air conditioner to stop the cooling.

Smart Comfort Automation Consultant:

Still Not Sure how the automation will suit your comfort needs. A free smart home consultation is all you need. Inquire and let us take ahead with our live demo at your Door Step.