“We build Smart homes”

Get Started with our Smart Lighting Automation to create energy efficient homes. Make a smarter choice with our smart lighting automation.

Mood Lighting:

Create and customize your lights according to the mood or scenario you want. Be it a party mood, or may be a relax mood. With our elegant mood touch panels or a simple shortcut on your phone you can easily create the mood of your choice. That’s mood lightning for you. With just a touch or a tap on phone you can power you lights from literally anywhere in the world.


Outdoor Lighting:

Our smart automation switch helps you control your exterior lights in tandom with the sunrise and sunset, so you don’t need to control your light every time - every day. It will automatically choose the sunset and sunrise time of your zone and save your efforts.

Voice Control Lighting

Control your lights with our voice control feature. Practically with just your voice you can command any of your home lights to behave the way you want. We have integrated with Amazon Echo & Google Home for voice command. Hands free automation.


Time based Lighting

Make most of our scheduling feature for your lighting. Now you can schedule your lights ON/OFF every day at a particular time. This will save a lot of your efforts and it is the best energy saving option we have. Schedule the timings and it will work as per as your command.

Smart Lighting Automation Consultant:

Still Not Sure how the automation will suit your Lighting Automation needs. A free smart home consultation is all you need. Inquire and let us take ahead with our live demo at your Door Step.