“We build Smart homes”

Enjoy your audio/ video experience with our smart entertainment automation option.

Home Theatre Automation:

Now with a single command, you can create a home theatre experience. Imagine a single press and all your lights are dimmed, your blinds fall off and your projector and screen falls down. Yes, that’s the power of automation. Create the same entertainment automation at your place now.


Single or Multi Room Audio:

Now you can experience your favorite music at your personal bedroom or you can stream the same music all over your property with a single command. Now you can run popular music service on your phone, tablet or on your TV.

Multi Room Video:

With a Single Video Source, you can experience your favorite video in your room or across your entire house. You don’t need multiple device to stream the same video at multiple rooms. That’s Multi Room Video for you.

Smart Entertainment Consultant :

Still Not Sure how the automation will suit your Audio/Video needs. A free smart home consultation is all you need. Inquire and let us take ahead with our live demo at your Door Step.